New Land in the Ocean

Deborah of Life in the Fast Lane wrote a neat mega-post about 45 of the world’s most amazing artificial islands (both real islands and those in planning stages). Take for example, the Federation Island modeled above…

Federation Island is an artificial island archipelago that will be located off the coast of Sochi in the Black Sea – a complex that will be built in the shape of Russia. Russian developers outlined plans for the $6.2 billion 350-hectare artificial island to be built near the future 2014 Winter Olympic venue in Sochi, to be completed in time for the events.

The floating ‘mini-Russia’ will boast artificial rivers made to mimic the continent’s real waterways, part of a larger effort by the Russian state to revamp the area’s Soviet-era infrastructure before the big event.

The island is expected to house around 25,000 people in apartments and villas, hotels, restaurants, malls, year-round yacht parking, various sea attractions – aquarium, oceanarium, and many other features.


via Neatorama