Get Zapped With Yer Gadgets Fer Sure!

The latest gadgets and innovations are known to surprise techies and the media, but they just might be more shocking than usual.

Officials have stated that lightning has killed and injured more than a dozen people in Russia in the month of July. The main cause: gadgets. Some cases include three sunbathers being killed 800 miles east of Moscow and a woman who was talking on a cell phone near the Kama River.

Leonid Tarkov, a representative from the weather observation center FOBOS, said he believes this accidents may be connected to the increased use of portable electronics. Tarkov said devices such as cell phones and music players are electromagnetic field carriers, therefore making them conductors that attract lightning.

Supposedly there is evidence that a lightning strike is more likely to be fatal for an individual carrying a metal device. But is this a major concern for gadget enthusiasts? Its common sense not to listen to your MP3 player or use any other device when the weather outside is frightful.

To find out more information, you should click over to CNN’s full coverage of the lightning crisis in Russia.

via Inventorspot