For the Finest Unidentified Sleeper


To the best of my knowledge I’ve never been abducted by aliens (though I admit my memory of certain nights is vague at best) but I imagine if an alien race decided to skip the door or window and instead enter my bedroom via a hole cut in the floor under my bed, it would look exactly like this. The Beam Bed was designed by Ewan Robertson of Lagostudio and besides the cool lighting effect, the bed also appears to have IKEA-esque flat-pack qualities making it easy to collapse and transport.


The Beam bed amazes with the particular features of its structure, which is inspired by a figure of elementary simplicity and beauty: the sun. An original system of boards forms the base for the mattress, opening up in a sunburst arrangement from a central fulcrum. The way of supporting the mattress is therefore innovative and unorthodox, but decidedly functional and practical. Beam shows its respect for the environment by making itself as small when it is packaged to be transported. Added to this sun element is a component that produces a strongly scenographic effect: light. The insertion of a lighting system for the base, which irradiates beams of light like a sunburst through the sun-rays-like opening, generates a seductive light-shadow effect that makes the atmosphere of the bedroom unique.

Unfortunately the bed makes it next to impossible to hide anything underneath when you have visitors since even the smallest item would end up casting a pretty obvious shadow.

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