‘Brain-Computer’ Interface: Mind Over Gaming Matter 

 Neural Impulse Actuator

The days of cursing joystick/keyboard/gamepad may as well be over. A radical new shift in technology wants to put the onus on gamers’ mind for the right directions. OCZ technology has designed a device which it calls NIA or Neural Impulse Actuator.


It is completely different from your usual gaming controllers in that it does away with buttons, dials, sticks, wheels and so on and so forth of any sort. Instead it puts body’s natural bio-signals to good effect and uses them to control various aspects of PC games. The Sunnyvale-based company claims to have developed a “brain-computer” interface for the retail market and puts it to test in gaming biz. So no thumbing action, and instead brain numbing action, quite literally! NIA consists of a box-like device accompanied by a headband. The headband translates bio-signals from brain, facial muscles and eye muscles. These signals can be linked to various keys using the configuration software. Thereafter NIA would translate signal into an appropriate gaming command. Read the detailed working here. The advantages that could flow from such an arrangement need not be spelled out. Yes tactile feedback would be missing but superior response rate would easily make up for that. We all are skeptical as to whether this would actually work as imagined, but if it does then By Jove do we have a total gaming experience on our hands or what!

Via Gizmowatch