for the die hard environmentalist 

With a philosophical insight, it is generally quoted that we have to leave back our attitude and possessions when we go to grave. I too agree but not completely.


Materialistic stuff… have to leave it back for near and dear ones to indulge. However you can carry your attitude to grave too with the Creative Coffins. A must have send-off box for those who have been an ardent eco-buff. Also for those who haven’t done much through your life for their planet or environment and while departing this world, they want to do one good deed……by taking off in a stylish but eco-friendly coffin. I’m sure you haven’t missed our list of ‘Love to die for Coffins’. Although Creative Coffins started with a simple request from a friend, today it leads the eco path by to providinf a green alternative to traditional wooden coffins without compromising on style. Appropriate for both burial and cremation, they are certified non-toxic and are made from carton board materials containing at least 60% recycled paper and wood pulp from sustainable forests.
They contain no bolts, screws, tape or other fixings, just natural starch based glues, and handles from natural woven cotton. In addition to causing no undue pollution, the carton board coffins weigh less than 10kg, which drastically reduces transport costs, also helping to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the funeral.