Back To the Future Hoverboard On Ebay 

Four words when I say Michael J. Fox? Exactly – Back to the Future! The movies were something and the actor did great. If you think likewise than an auction on eBay is sure going to interest you. Up for grabs at $30,000 is a hoverborad that finds use in the 2nd part of the trilogy.


 The original (or seemingly so anyway) hero Mattell Hoverboard was used by Marty McFly in the 80’s classic. This one’s the wood-based prop that has actually survived the rigors of shooting and looks to be in great condition. Obviously it is not as was supposed to be in the movie (in that it doesn’t actually fly, sigh!) but it does come with fully functional rear ballbearing-mounted footpad that rotates 360 degrees, as well as real magnets on the bottom. 

 And the hole from which Marty removed the handle when he stole the board from a girl also gets retained. The reserve price is quite high but so would be the rush from owning this pink little toy I guess.