Glaucoma Can Be Prevented By A New Type Of Contact Lenses 

A new type of contact lens developed in the US could not only correct vision but also save it. The lenses contain antibiotic nanosilver particles and continuously map the pressure in the human eye.


Astonishingly, they also administer medication to the eye directly. This could help people from contracting blinding eye disorders such as glaucoma. The pressure in the eye is the leading cause of Glaucoma. These contact lenses are from polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and have an eight by eight grid nanosilver lines that provide 64 pressure points. These points monitor pressure in the eye and relay the data to a computer. Medicine that can lower pressure can also be loaded on to the lens and a mild electric charge unnoticeable to the wearer would deliver the medicines. The contact lenses are bio-compatible and are non invasive too when compared to other intraocular pressure measuring devices.

Via Gizmowatch