Nanotechnology Applied To Dairy Farm Monitoring

 Cowbell Monitoring Device

Nanotechnology is among the most rapidly growing fields of science. It finds application in the most peculiar, yet logical, of places. For instance, dairy farm monitoring may not sound complex enough for nanotechnology application.

However, Brian Butler shows us how rearing cattle on a large farm can be a whole lot simpler only if technology found its way into the regular scheme of things. Typically, large farms have around 2000-7000 cows that can drive you crazy. In comes CowbellTM, a monitoring device, and you realize how simple it is to record key data points of your livestock. The device tracks and offers vital information on the body temperature, heat cycle, and feed intake of the animal. In addition to this, it can also be used as a video camera to capture visual data of cattle.

One of the key factors taken into consideration while designing the device was its portability. The developer managed to cobble up a concept wherein the screen can be concealed while not in use. This also reduced the effective size of the gadget. The tobacco box sized CowbellTM can easily fit into your pocket, thus making it the next best thing in gadget portability. Another interesting feature is that the device allows the user to contact other people in the farm. We say, old McDonald will finally attain some peace of mind!

Via Gizmowatch