High-tech Cosmovoide Luxury Bed 

Can you really put a price tag on a good night’s sleep? I simply can’t. Check out the Cosmovoïde Bed, where you can hover on the brink of falling into a deep healing sleep, before awakening relaxed and refreshed, with optimal physical and psychic potential.


This high-tech luxury bed is characterized by its individual springs suspended from the structure by self-suspension, the same principle as used for hammocks. This absolute design touts the elements of a luxurious four-poster bed. The side view, which mimics the shape of an egg derived from golden number geometry, gives the bed its relaxing properties. The user will find the wave shape and the symbolism of an egg, reminiscent of the “cosmic egg,” from which its name ‘Cosmovoïde’ is drawn. Made by craftsmen in the North of France, the high-tech Cosmovoïde bed features 2 electric relaxation bed frames, 7 LED lamps in the colors of the rainbow, a television integrated at the foot of the bed, a DVD player, high-definition home cinema set up, 6 power sockets, and a telephone.

You can also customize the bed to suit your liking. Pricing for the base model sits at a cool 39 000 Euros (appx. $61,415).

Via Bornrich.org