A Luxury Teepee

If you are still looking for the perfect outdoors place to vacation this summer while keeping connected with the rest of the world, check out these Solar Powered Teepees. These Teepees in Canada’s Yukon are luxurious, solar powered and eco-friendly. They are perfect for anyone who loves outdoor living without roughing it.

These Teepees available from the Perfect Earth Tours Spa & Resort in Canada’s Yukon have solar solar-powered DVD players, satellite radio, satellite radio and wireless Internet access. The Teepees are also furnished with two queen sized luxury beds, private dining area, vanity area and reading area.

How is the Perfect Earth Tours Spa & Resort’s Teepees eco-friendly? Most of Perfect Earth bedding, staff clothes and furniture are made of sustainable organic material. Recycled material is used as much as possible. Solar power and other alternative power are used as much as possible (ex: wind, geothermal, river and human power). In additiion the meals are organically grown and each Teepee has in own individual organic composting outhouse. These outhouses are not what you think. They are not the old fashioned smelly and scary outhouses you’ve experienced. These Teepee outhouses are clean, use compost toilets and are odorless.

“Perfect Earth Tours Eco Spa & Retreat is based on our love and deep respect for Mother Earth, our strong belief in personal and corporate environmental responsibility and our love of decadence.”

For more information on these innovative Teepees visit the Perfect Earth Tours website. Here you will also see the Perfect Earth Tour lodges and all the outdoor activities you can participate in. If you have already had the opportunity to visit these Solar Powered Teepees let us know what your experience was like.
Via Really Natural and Inventorspot