Introducing the Portable Fireplace

For when campfires just aren’t good enough

Few things can pump up the romantic mood like a warm flickering fire, and while a real wood fire has that crackling sound you can’t get from gas, cleaning out all of that soot and ash the next day isn’t my idea of fun. Gas fires give you most off that mood enhancement without the housekeeping requirements, but most are still built into the wall of your house.

With this Travelmate portable fireplace from Conmoto of Germany, you can move your mood maker from room to room, although at about 55 pounds, I don’t think I would take it camping. The small refillable Bio-Ethanol fuel tank supplies enough gas for about 2.5 to 3.5 yours, just about right for a romantic encounter. The main catch I see is the decidedly high-end $3300 price tag.

Unica Home, via InventorSpot