Sound Art By Kim Kuchul 

The work of Kim Kichul is something that delves very deep in to both the scientific world as well as the spiritual world. It is one of the most amazing works of abstract art which Kim puts in the form of a definite science and uses to try and find a spiritual metaphor to the physical world. In its amalgamation of the three most different subjects of study and crafting them in a fashion where the compliment and enhance one another is a the work of a master who wishes not only to take his art to a new level but to find answers to question that have eluded man forever. Kim’s attempt to put Sound in to a visual form and his idea that vision and sound are not as dissimilar as we make them out to be, is simply awesome!

Kim Kichul, born in 1969, Korea. He studied in the sculpture department at the Hong-Ik University, Seoul. During his college years at Hong-Ik, Kichul has worked traditional sculpture with traditional materials such as stone, bronze, wood; however he has performed sound sculpture (Sound Installation) with speakers for over a decade. His work was exhibited world over and his sound sculptures allow us to give a visual representation to an abstract idea that we call ‘Sound’.

It is only the greatest of minds in human history with amazing creative brilliance and spectacular vision that have given abstract thoughts a meaningful physical form. That physical form could be the Canvas of Picasso, the cascading words of Keats of the orchestrated symphony of Beethoven’s flowing tunes. Kim tries to do exactly the same by trying to carve out sculptures out of sound.
The work uses a matrix of loudspeakers, wires and monofilament that hang from the ceiling of the gallery in which his art is displayed as he tries to give a visual form to what our ears pick up. Kim’s explanation about how sound is more crucial than sight in certain cases and is quite similar to it is fascinating to listen to. He believes that sounds just like sight form a large part of our perceptions and beliefs and are incorporated in our minds with growing time. While one needs to take a look at Kim Kichul’s work personally to understand it better, it is surely a phenomenal effort stemming from amazing vision.

Via Gizmowatch