Is that a hammer in that toolbox or are you just happy to see me?

Need an excuse to replace your tool chest? Try Kobalt’s on for size: It’s almost four and a half feet tall, has LED lighting, a Pioneer sound system, a mini-fridge and a built-in, four-plug powerstrip. You won’t ever have to leave the garage again.

The Kobalt 53-inch Tool Chest’s many trays and drawers will be more than enough for whatever you need to put in it, and you can do so without worry because the chest’s casters can support 4,000 pounds of weight. The 3-way Pioneer sound systems is up top, the fridge down in the bottom left, and the powerstrip, are along with hooks for hanging, off to the side of the unit.

Rocking out while you’re tooling around has a pretty steep price, however: $1,600.

Kobalt, via DVICE