Electronic Tongue 

If you think tongue to be the only sensory organ accomplished of distinguishing between tastes, you are mistaken; here, it’s made possible electronically.


 This handheld electronic tongue devised by Cecilia Jiminez-Jorquera from the Barcelona Institute of Microelectronics, Spain, is capable enough of telling between the grape varieties and the wine tastes. This tool has six sensors for identifying substances, such as, acid, sugar and alcohol for determining the age and variety of the wine. Cool, it seems to be, an alluring preposition at the same time. For downright pleasure of the wine purveyors, this new tongue is portable, low-priced, and is flawlessly trainable to “taste” new varieties. So, the wine experts should be ready to play the second fiddle as it’s all over now to this electronic tongue.

Via Gizmowatch