An Active Feller

A sex romp early this year of Henry, a century-old tuatara from Invercargill, has resulted in his lover Mildred laying 12 eggs. Henry, a resident at Southland Museum since 1970, finally proved his manhood at 111 years old.

He had never shown an interest in mating until he was caught getting intimate with the much younger Mildred, aged between 70 and 80.

Museum staff put Henry’s newfound desire down to a cancer growth being removed from his bottom.

Southland Museum tuatara curator Lindsay Hazley said Mildred laid 12 eggs on July 15 but one had since perished. The remaining 11 eggs were being kept in an incubator at between 18 and 21degC and were scheduled to hatch in about six months, he said.

“With these guys foreplay might take years. One has to be patient.” Henry’s love life had been a big hit with the public, Mr Hazley said.

“A few old people have come in having a good old chuckle, saying there was hope for them yet.”

via Arbroath