SunTable - The Outdoor Workstation 


For the rich geek with conscience this $2,200 SunTable could be the perfect outdoor workstation which will enable you to simultaneously charge your laptops, cellphones, stereos and other gadgetry that occupies your workstation space.


 The table frame is made in teak with stainless steel legs. The teak frame and edging are low-maintenance and moisture-resistant and the table can withstand harsh weather with vengeance. The table features unbreakable 64 Watt multicrystalline tilting solar panel somewhat like a piano and it fully charges in 4 hours of direct sunlight. The panel functions even if partially covered. The table features 12V DC outlet with watertight cap, voltage meter to display battery voltage and hour meter to display the number of hours table has been activated. Though, I would still go with the Mathias Schnyder solar outdoor workstation which looks glamorous designwise but then that just being a concept the SunTable is the winner!