Have Big Eyes With Extra-Wide Contact Lenses 

Anyone who’s seen Japanese comics, cartoon videos or anime art is instantly struck by the common look of the girls – big eyes that, by making the rest of the face look small, add the cuteness and sex appeal prized by many Japanese men.


Since no amount of cosmetic surgery will make actual human eyes larger, some girls are trying another way to up their cute quotient: extra-wide contact lenses!
These are no ordinary contacts – they’re not only tinted, but tinted prominently in the extra-wide outer ring. The result is the appearance of a bigger, wider iris.

To quote the sales copy, “Wanna get big, watery shiny eyes without any surgery? CRAVE AND ENVY NO MORE!”
The extra-wide contact lenses are made by a variety of companies including Geo and Dueba, and cost in the $30-$50 per pair range. It seems they’re not just cosmetic – send in your prescription and the lenses will be made to order.

Via InventorSpot