Mind Machines 

 Photosonix InnerPulse

Ever wondered if you can manipulate the abstract images forming inside your head? A human brain, they say, is very powerful and it is close to impossible to realize its true potential.


However, ongoing research programmes suggest that altered states of consciousness can be achieved with the help of devices popularly known as Mind Machines. These gadgets alter the frequency of your brainwaves, thus offering a meditative experience. Russian-made Photosonix InnerPulse has been designed on the same lines. Just that this gadget has been specifically built for respiratory Gymnastic classes. 10 built-in programmes offer relaxation, meditation, sleeping, training, rejuvenation, creativity, entertainment, synchronized breathing and other special purpose programmes. Users can select from each of these sessions and apply them individually. InnerPulse functions within the frequency range 1/4 to 42 Hz.

Like all Mind Machines, when you switch the InnerPulse on and wear the strobe glasses, flickering lights start to appear. These dynamic images can be altered in your state of sub- consciousness and the whole exercise, apparently, stimulates your imagination and inspires creativity. In addition to its regular application, the device can also be used to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. Surprisingly, InnerPulse also helps in treating heart diseases, headaches, back pain, alcoholism, sexual disorders, diabetes, asthma and several other common ailments. Scientists believe this is possible since most of our illnesses are related to light or sound, directly or indirectly. We have grown up believing that the mind cannot be controlled. Now, it is time to revisit this belief!

Via Gizmowatch