Algae-Based Oils For Creating Biofuels 

 Algae tanks at the Farnborough International Air Show, which took place in London July 14-20.

Researchers Qiang Hu and Milton Sommerfeld from ASU’s Department of Applied Biosciences recently flew to London to share their findings and research on the application of algae-based oils for creating biofuels at the Farnborough International Air Show.


The exhibit was part of a collaboration and ongoing relationship between the researchers and aviation giant Boeing.

While many exhibits showed off the latest improvements on turbines and designs for commercial aircraft and jet fighters, the researchers ended up stealing the show and attracting numerous visitors to their booth.
The star attraction of the Boeing exhibit was a 75-gallon tank of bright green algae.
The tank was, in fact, a bioreactor – a “feeding ground” container that promotes accelerated algae growth. The exhibit was the high note of a one-year relationship between the ASU researchers and Boeing.