Now Listen Here!

In recent years the headphone market has seen quite a boom, most likely thanks to the iPod and the hundreds of others of MP3 players now available. And I’m sure we’re all aware of the dangers of having your headphones (or particularly your earbuds) set too loud which can damage your eardrums. (It makes you wonder if the hearing aid market will also be seeing a boom in about 20 years.) So as an alternative to using headphones, Orbitsound would like you to consider their new T3 portable speaker which is actually designed to be worn hanging around your neck.

The T3 is roughly the same size as a smartphone, weighs about 115g and will apparently provide you with “your own personal stereo aura around your head.” The built-in rechargeable battery is good for up to 10 hours of playing time, and the amplifier supplies 8 watts of audio power to the airSOUND speaker array crammed into the T3’s enclosure. I’m not entirely sure if the company expects you to wear this speaker while going about your daily routine, or just in the privacy of your own home. I know I’m already concerned about disturbing other people when I’m wearing headphones, so I don’t think I’d personally be comfortable walking around with one of these blaring my music all day. But if you’re more concerned with protecting your hearing than disturbing others, it’s available from the Orbitsound website for about $170.


orbitsound T3 via DVICE