Smoon Ombrella Lamp

Hanging there like a halo, this lamp renders some saintly illumination to your den. Dubbed as Smoon Ombrella, I think the Smoon stands for moon-like and Ombrella for umbrella.


Shaped by French furniture designers Beau & Bien, this moony umbrella LED lamp is intended to shield you from sunlight akin to an umbrella. And boosts the serenity of dark with soft light by night. Its USP is the wireless feature which gives you the freedom to stand it anywhere. Be it in your bedroom, living room or patio, this lamp is capable to light your surroundings for 6 days by just feeding its battery for10 hours. Now that’s truly something to boast of, as once a week charging is enough to suffice the whole week. I hate gadgets that need charging daily.

Crafted out of Plexiglas, it stands tall at 81″ and the canopy measures at 39.4″ x 59″. However, $2200 for this lamp may pinch many a pockets. Basking under full moon light seems to be a much better option for me 🙂