Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle 

 Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle

With all the inhabitable zones progressing to newer heights in terms of technology, the uninhabitable corners of our globe too gets a taste of avant-garde achievements with this Concept Ice Vehicle. Not intended for entertainment and amusing purpose, this latest ice automobile from Lotus was invented to be taken to Antarctica on the Moon Regan TransAntarctic Expedition. Intending to aid the research going on in the region, it is well-built to withstand the severity of polar environment.


 Not wanting to leave it footprints behind, especially with this region bearing the worst brunt of global warming, the CIV is powered by biofuel. Featuring three skids, this propeller-driven vehicle is 4.5 meters long and 4.5 meters wide with an independent suspension.
It is also fitted with an ice penetrating radar that can detect crevasses. The spiked foot under the cockpit is supposed aid braking on icy terrain. Being light weighted, it can be easily tagged if needed.

Hope to see more such snowmobiles for fun-filled icy voyage. May be well-healed Eskimos can afford to park such ice vehicles out side their igloos.

Via Bornrich.org