Looking for a new desk toy with some attitude? These guys have plenty. Just look at these guys. You know that they would just walk up to you and kick you in the nuts for no reason at all. Then they wouldn’t even laugh. They’d just look at you all doubled over as if admiring their handiwork, nod and walk away. They’re known as KANFUBOI (Kung-Fu-Boy).

Just put them on your desktop, switch ‘em on, and watch the punches and kicks fly. A built-in sound sensor makes them punch unsuspecting victims. Seriously, watch the video. These guys aren’t messing around. They will kick and punch the crap out of you and your co-workers will be too intimidated to stop them. In the end you’ll be crying under your desk like a girl and mumbling warnings about no more imports from Japan. They are only available in Japan for $18 each.



Via SlipperyBrick