Its About Freakin Time

From wood scraps to oil and fuel, Canadian company Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation has big plans for the future of its product. ..

The company wants to convert wood scraps into fuel to operate factories and heat office buildings – a perfect use for otherwise scrap material. The plant would be built near St. Louis, Missouri, and could use wood byproducts from nearby sawmills to pump out 12 million gallons of fuel annually.

This BioOil will replace conventional oil for industrial boilers, which consume a large percentage of the oil imported into the United States. In fact, the company already uses it to generate electricity at one of its BioOil plants in Ontario. But the oil can also be converted into vehicle fuel. Dynamotive says its BioOil pollutes less nitrous oxide and sulfur oxide than conventional oil, which makes it a better choice for the environment.

Although the company is still in the beginning phases of transitioning to the United States, it already plans on opening four more plants on the St. Louis site, it hopes to build another complex in Missouri, and it plans to build six plants in Argentina. This seems to be a company, and an industry, to keep an eye on in the future.

via matter network