Lawnmower Turns Waste Grass Into Toys 

 Muwi Concept Mower

The electric-sheep lawnmower may have tickled your fancy, but this Muwi concept mower from designer Yuli Sung will have you scratching your head. The concept’s roughly the same as the sheep: It automatically assesses the grassy areas, and then cuts the lawn without supervision required. Cunningly, it grabs the grass cuttings inside where they won’t lie around setting off people’s hay fever. But then it does something strange… it compacts the cuttings into toys. Scratching yet?

Okay, so the ball could be considered more a plaything, while the grass disks are perhaps more suited for piling up as ad-hoc lawn chairs. Although there’s always the possibility of a game of giant grass Frisbee… How many sneezes and streaming eyes would that set off, I wonder? Those grass “bails” would easy to pick up and chuck onto the compost pile too.

Nice lateral thinking here, and for once it’s a concept that I’d love a manufacturer to get to grips with for real.

Via Gizmodo