Urban Youth Retail Future 

Companies constantly try to woo urban youth, a segment admired by marketers for its substantial disposable income and trend setting tendencies. So given all this, when a raw concept like a youth centric store that’s likely to be developed by Columbus Ohio based Chute Gerderman, its bound to create some hype! The concept named ‘UnionJac’ inspired from the British culture is a clothing, salon, cafe and hangout joint, all merged with interactive technology to make it more appealing for the shoppers.

Designed to be developed for the Chain Store Magazine’s annual Store of the future, this one stop joint offers the shopper’s innumerable good deals. Right from virtual outfit trials to video conferences through which reputed stylists could give away fashion tips and temp tattoo service. Stringed with a cool quotient, this deal is extremely promising as it caters to almost every shopping need of a youngster. If everything goes as per plans this superb concept could be the future of youth retail and a show stopper at the 2012 London Olympics.

Via Gizmowatch