Intuitive Touch Table 


Imagine a table that responds to your touch, gestures, and other objects placed on it. Imagine EyeBoard-the intuitive touch table! The next best thing in touch technology, the EyeBoard is user-activated and offers unmatched point-of-sale opportunities.

Designed to respond to multiple interaction points, the product is the best example of spontaneous customization. EyeBoard is supported by the EyeClick technology, wherein companies can remotely operate a marketing platform from anywhere in the world. To deliver an intuitive response, the product uses optimized motion detection. For a consumer looking to make a purchase, the table acts as an interactive sales manual. On the other hand, for a client, it serves as a marketing tool that offers complete control to an informed buyer. Moreover, the product supports a wide array of off-the-shelf applications, thus enabling clients to create their own captivating marketing campaign or an interactive game for their customers. For the EyeBoard, the sky is the limit!

Via Gizmowatch