DaVinci Institute on Make the Difference NetworkDaVinci Institute on Make the Difference Network

The DaVinci Institute hopes to set a new standard for science museums

“Make the Difference Network” is an online resource for connecting donors with non-profits. Started by famed actress Jessica Biel, the site has been designed to draw attention to some of the lesser known causes. The DaVinci Institute and its plans for the Museum of Future Inventions is now testing the waters on the site to see how best to inspire donors with a museum about the future, a museum where every exhibit talks about the big things that still need to be accomplished.

DaVinci Institute on Make the Difference Network

Jessica Biel, powered by talent, driven by passion

“Make the Difference Network” was founded four years ago by Jessica Biel, her father Jon Biel and Kent McBride (a Cause Marketing evangelist). MTDN is a giving destination that makes it easy for donors to search, select, and donate directly to specific Wishes that touch their heart. After donations are made to fund Wishes, the nonprofits can show donors the impact of their donations.

By leveraging the power of individuals, businesses, celebrities and nonprofits, their hope is to create a powerful force for good that will make a big difference in the world.

DaVinci Institute on Make the Difference Network

 Much of the museum will involve interactive exhibits

One of the Wishes listed on MTDN is the DaVinci Institute’s Museum of Future Inventions. The Institute has set its sights on creating a museum designed around our pursuit of inventions that will create a spot in the history books for people who develop them. The museum will be composed of multiple pavilions, each with its own scientific concentration, sponsored by businesses from around the world. 

 DaVinci Institute on Make the Difference Network
The museum will have special programs for ‘big thinkers in small bodies’

“We are at a point where we can begin building exhibits as a way to beta-test everything from the prototyping process, to the interactive displays, to the customer reaction,” says Thomas Frey, Executive Director of the Institute. “Money will be needed for artwork, displays, creating animations, models, and several things I can’t even imagine yet.”

 DaVinci Institute on Make the Difference Network

Every exhibit will touch on a different aspect of the future

“When I met with Kent McBride, he strongly suggested I try to personalize our Wishes,” said Deb Frey, VP of the Institute. “So I added personal photos and will be adding many more details about our progress in the future.”

 DaVinci Institute on Make the Difference Network

Ideas come in many forms, but the best ones
will be nurtured into something beautiful

People who walk through the museum will be brimming with new ideas and the museum staff is planning facilities that will allow people to do research and take immediate action.

“Our goal is to create an experience that will profoundly change the lives of those who spend a day in the museum,” says Frey.  

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