PC With Toaster Bay Option


Toast is one of those foods that’s so easy to make that anyone can do it. But can you do it from the comfort of your computer? Yes, you can in fact make toast while sitting at your desk. How you ask? With this simple PC Toaster Bay, you can pop in a slice of white (or wheat, if that’s your thing) and have it heated to perfection.


Honestly, if it weren’t the end of August, I’d think that this were some kind of April Fool’s gag. Well, despite the late month, it is indeed a springtime prank. The product listing seems legit, however, the thought of installing something in my desktop whose sole purpose is to generate heat just didn’t sit well. Upon clicking the button to order it, I was informed that I was had, and the product is a phony. Oh well, looks like I’m still going to have to walk all the way to the kitchen. And here I’d already stocked my mini-fridge with butter and jam.


[ Crazy PC ]


VIA [ OhGizmo! ]