Science Backs Up Religion… Proving Facts Wrong, be my guest..

Believe it or not but there are lots of so-called educated people who believe that there is no evidence of the existence of Jesus as a historical figure.  Despite all the written evidence they have persisted in their arguments. Recently, a limestone box containing bones was found in Israel….

An inscription on the box said that they belonged to “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus”.  There were doubts as to its authenticity but, after many tests, the doubts were shown to have no foundation.
Throughout my Christian life I have seen a pattern emerge.  The pattern is one where people deny the truth of the Bible and then end up eating their words as evidence comes forward such as this.   For many years many people were turned away from the truth of the Bible because someone said that there is no evidence to show that Romans ever used nails to crucify people.  It took many years but one day there was a tomb excavated where the occupant had nails through his hands and feet.  Another concerned the walls of Jerusalem.  Certain people said that the bible was false because archaeologists had found old walls of Jerusalem and they did not contain a certain well which David used to get into the city.  The Bible had said that the well (or similar water structure) was inside the city walls.  This went on for years until another archaeological dig found even older walls of Jerusalem which DID contain the well inside.
There is so much evidence to show the truth of the authenticity of the Bible that really there should be no doubt to anyone anymore.
Thank God that we follow a living God, that he is as real as real can be!

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