Is that a Teddy Bear phone you are talking on or are you just happy to see me?


The iPhone might best its competitors when it comes to being slick, but I don’t think it stands a chance against Willcom’s Kuma (aka Bear) Phone when it comes to being cute. The Bear features a SIM card slot (I’m not exactly sure where) and functions like a regular cellphone meaning you have to hold it to your face in order to make a call.

It was shown off by Willcom at the 2008 Good Design Expo and was apparently ‘adored’ by the crowds. The Kuma Phone allows you to store up to four speed dial numbers which are activated by pinching sensors in each of the bear’s paws, and incoming calls are answered or ended by pressing its tail. The suggested price tag of $500 seems a bit ridiculous, and I can only imagine the flood of accessories that would follow if this thing ever hit the market.


[ CScout Japan – Kuma Phone teddy bear from Willcom ]


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