Mobile Ergonomic Workstation 

 Agent Digital Mobile Workstation

Sitting on my desk for hours on end has helped me earn my bread and butter along with a slouched posture and an aching back. Working in an ergonomic setup is of prime importance, which many of us overlook.


Though time and again we have featured many interesting, geeky, avant-garde workstations, the Agent Digital mobile workstation focuses on rendering the best support to the user. The highlight of this product is its design that proves to be very accommodating to the user’s posture. With intense effort put in to take care of every organ of our body, this workstation is just what the doctor ordered. Consisting of two components that can be packed together when not in use, it has enough room to house a screen, keyboard and mouse table. Ideal for office or home use, it also comes fitted with all the specs required for hardcore gaming.

Though its bulky modular form may be repulsive at first sight, it will prove its credibility by imparting healthy, ache-free working times.