Tokyo’s Tower Of Wind

 Ventilation system for undersea tunnel

In this latest installment of bringing you all the secret lairs of global super-villains, we present you with the Kawasaki Man-Made Island of Japan (aka the Kaze-no-to or “Tower of Wind”).

Tokyo’s Tower Of Wind

“So, there we were on a jetfoil in Tokyo Bay the other day, cruising back from a DWT jaunt to Kozu-shima when we spotted this rather attractive monolith in the ocean just to the southeast of Haneda airport.

After spotting the mystery object on the satellite view (here), we switched to the map (here) to discover a humble ventilation shaft outlet from the underlying Tokyo Bay Aquatunnel that links the airport and Kanagawa Prefecture with Chiba Prefecture, thereby cutting out central Tokyo’s clogged arteries.”

The island is actually a ventilation facility and is the midway point between a massive undersea tunnel called The Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line that connects Kisarazu City and Kawasaki City. The entire project was 30 years in the making, and most humans only get to see the island from the window of an airplane or via Google satellite view, but we’re sure there’s at least one super-villain hiding in there somewhere. Interesting. More info here for the die-hard tunnel fans.

Via Dvice