Solar-Powered Art Rainbow Party Tent 

Never mind renting a tent with faux Palladian-style arched windows for that chic outdoor soirée – make your guests think a UFO has landed in your yard with the solar-powered Art Rainbow. Providing shade and psychedelic colors akin to multi-hued sunglasses by day, this design concept’s solar panels are charging up its batteries all the while, ready to light up the night with its flexible LED matrix display panels when the sun goes down. (We suggest the designer specify flexible OLED solar panels.)

Whether you want its translucent roof panel colors to resemble rose-colored glasses, green aviator shades or yellow skier’s specs is entirely up to you, but just remember that your trophy wife might not look quite the same tinted a shade of Martian green, especially after a few of those chocolate martinis of yours. Keeping that in mind, just add guests and mood-altering substances, and you’re good to go, and maybe even unstuck in time, Billy Pilgrim.

Via Dvice