2030 Concept Car 

I guess we’ll have scrunching or modular cars in the year 2030. It wasn’t too long ago that we showed you this French car concept for the year 2030, and now here’s Mihai Stamati of Chisinau, Moldova with a design simply titled 2030.


Stamati’s vision of 2030 has us driving in solar-powered, four-seater, door-slidin’ boxy cars with green windows and plenty of visibility. A cylindrical add-on can be fixed to the rear of the vehicle for extra seating (complete with a bar-style desk), and, also located at the rear, there are two electric engines. Both engines must be a bit on the weak side as the 2030 future car tops out at 20 miles per hour. That means it’s probably only good for short-range urban driving or for use in special situations, such as at large amusement parks. Come to think of it – looking at the 2030 – you could also slap some bulletproof windows on there and you got the Pope’s next glass-cage-on-wheels. And this one actually looks good to boot.

Via Dvice