mySky Plus:  Personal Planetarium 

 Mead mySky

For people all across the country summer nights are spent in the back yard looking at the stars. Backyard stargazing in the warmer states really picks up when summer is winding down and the heat isn’t so bad and the bugs are starting to thin out. The challenge for many when looking at the night sky is actually finding something worth looking at.

Mead has announced a new device called mySKY PLUS that is like having your own personal planetarium. The device has an onboard database of over 30,000 celestial objects. To use it you aim at an object in the sky you want to know more about and pull the trigger. A display on the rear shows images of the celestial object and provides information on whatever you are looking at.

The device has built-in guided tours that walk you through the interesting things in the sky tailored to your location, date, and time. A tonight’s best feature helps you find the most interesting thing in the sky at a glance. The mySKY PLUS can also connect to Meade AutoStar telescopes allowing users to see nighttime wonders up close. The mySKY PLUS is available now for $299.

Via SlipperyBrick