Need A Helping Hand? 

 Third Arm

Next time you thought you need someone to lend a helping hand, think of this Third Arm. The whole idea seems supernatural but for Stelarc, it was more of a tangible concept. He is the same Australian performance artist who hung himself naked from flesh-piercing hooks attached to ropes. Well, this superficial arm will couple with your right arm and is shrewdly capable of independent motion. It is triggered into action by the EMG signals of the abdominal and leg muscles.

The wrist can rotate up to 290 degrees both clockwise and anticlockwise. It features a physical feedback system with an elementary ‘sense of touch.’ There are electrodes positioned on the flexor muscles and biceps aid in curling the finger inwards, bending the wrist and shoving the arm upwards. This robotic arm is the result of Stelarc’s school of philosophy which says human body is obsolete and is an extendible entity which can enrich its functionality with the help of developing technology. The illustration suggests that the third arm is helping the obsolete being in EVOLUTION! Need i say anything more?

Via Gizmowatch