Man Leaves Girlfriend Behind Bars to Save Money

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to have a cheap boyfriend

A frugal man has declined an invitation from police to pay a €225 ($320) fine that would get his girlfriend out of jail. The woman is serving a 15-day sentence for fraud.

A man has opted to let his live-in girlfriend stay in jail rather than pay a €225 ($320) fine that would spare her from serving a 15-day sentence after she was caught stealing a bottle of shampoo, police said on Monday.

The 34-year-old Polish woman was detained on Sept. 5 in the western German town of Wanne-Eickel for shop-lifting. When police checked her details they found that she was wanted for a minor case of fraud for which she had to pay the fine or spend 15 days in jail.

“On Saturday morning a police officer telephoned her partner and asked if he could come and pay the fine. But he didn’t feel like coming to the police station,” police said in a statement.

The man still hadn’t shown up on Monday, police said, noting that he may have been influenced by the fact that the fine falls by €15 for each day spent in jail. “One has to make savings wherever one can these days,” police said.

Via der Spiegel