Touch-Hear - Knowledge At Your Fingertips

 Touch-Hear Concept Design Incubation Centre

The Design Incubation Centre has hatched a concept that would probably make pocket dictionaries a thing of the past. That means, next time you come across an unfamiliar word, you wouldn’t flip pages of a thesaurus or search Google for it. Scrolling your fingers through the word or a phrase in the book will speak its meaning or related information in your ear. The name “Touch-Hear” itself throws light on the modus operandi of the technological concept. The makers haven’t spoken much about its canopy of features, so I wonder if language compatibility would be an issue.

The image depicts water-drop-like sensors on the fingertips and the corresponding white vocal device positioned on the ear. It’s too nifty and small to be spotted by the naked eye. Technology seems to have picked up challenges from the sci-fi world and churned out stuff, the idea of which would have otherwise seemed bizarre.

Via Gizmowatch