90,000 Homes In The Netherlands To Be Powered By Chicken Manure 

Some Powerful Poo!

So, you’re an Earth-loving, eco-friendly environmentalist, as it’s all the rage these days. Alternative sources of energy, such as wind and solar, are what you’re looking to use to get your juice. OK, that’s cool. But what about more… unorthodox sources of power? I’m talking, of course, about chicken crap.

Yes, chicken manure is a viable source of energy. Who knew? The folks in the Netherlands, apparently, as they’re planning to power 90,000 homes with pure chicken excrement. A new 150 million euro plan will convert about 440,000 tons of chicken poo into about 270 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. It’s a pretty great system, as it both provides energy and gets rid of disgusting chicken waste at the same time. So how about it? Want to get your home on the chicken crap energy plan?

Via Dvice