3Fold Executive Desk 

We’ve seen executive desks that ooze style and elegance when crafted out of leather, wood or used aviation parts. And to redefine sophistication with a contemporary touch, here is a multifaceted desk sculpted out of a single sheet of steel.


Fabricated by a London based furniture company, Formtank, the 3Fold desk is innovatively shaped to avoid any excess wastage. Using the CAD/CAM technology, it actually proves about 4% lesser wastage per linear meter. It also means that this table is abosultely free of nuts, bolts and adhesives. The satin finished stainless steel can also be tinted in a choice of colors to suit your décor.
Now, that’s sufficient enough to lay out your larger than life plans. But of course for an equivalent large price tag that starts from $7,000 onwards.

Via Bornrich.org