Ascend Enlightenment Concept Tackles Hassles Of Modern-Day Travel 

Product Description: First time air travel is never easy. The naive commuter is often jinxed by the list of formalities and sprawling airport environment. Ascend is a human-oriented concept to tackle the hassles of modern-day travel. It will be in the form of biodegradable vibrating stickers and will not interfere with the multi-layered airport security. It aims at giving personalized information to the traveler and guide him through the pre-flight stage. These stickers will work in conjunction with modular touch screen kiosks.

What’s Innovative: Adding a dab of simplicity and innovation, the designer has provided a futuristic device to ease the intricacies of air travel. She has also incorporated screen adjustments in kiosks to simplify the process for disabled travelers. Such kiosks make availability of personal assistance just a touch away. The stickers will foster interactions by bringing people of common interest together. Companies can bite on this concept for great branding opportunities and avail Ascend customers of various deals.

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: Having seen the vision of this concept, we think it should hit the production mill and become a part of airports worldwide.

Designer: Gauri Sharma is a New York based designer and has done her majors in Industrial Designing.

Ascend Enlightenment Concept Tackles Hassles Of Modern-Day Travel


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