Eon Mini Pacemaker For Pain 

 Eon Mini

Adam Hammond, a former member of the U.S. Army’s “Golden Knights” Parachute Team, has become the first recipient of the Eon Mini-the world’s smallest spinal cord stimulator.


After suffering a broken femur, a shattered pelvis and a severed spine in an epic parachute fail a few years ago, it seemed that Hammond would be condemned to a life of severe chronic pain. Doctors hoped that implanting the new Eon Mini would offer a solution by delivering repeated mild electrical impulses to the spinal cord. So far, Hammond claims that the device offers “significant pain relief” and that he was able to “walk twice as far” as he could previously.

Spinal cord simulators are nothing new, but the size of the Eon Mini combined with the fact that it is easily recharged make it a viable solution for people with severe back problems or other chronic conditions. Unfortunately, it may be awhile before you can have one implanted for your bad back, gimpy knee and pesky RSI.

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