Playasphere: Battle Tank With A Difference


Product Description: The Playasphere is a battle tank with a difference. It spins, has two gigantic hemispheres for wheels, and spews flame balls. The “quasi-gyroscopic” crawler is an ostentatious act, with deafening speakers and weirdly built satellite dish components. The flame is created with the help of propane, while the mobility is taken care of by electric motors. Take the Playasphere into the desert for a spin and rest assured that it would be visible even 50 miles away (if some exaggeration is permitted!).

What’s innovative: Everything about the Playasphere is eye-catchy, especially the wheels, which are grossly oversized for a vehicle. Uncannily violent for a seemingly harmless machine, the fantasized behemoth intimidates with its flame balls. And quite deservedly so, its eccentricity has won itself a cover appearance on Leo Nash and Daniel Pinchbeck’s photography book titled “Burning Man: Art in the Desert.”

Watch This: Any attempts to figure out the practical application of the Playasphere would be futile. It is a bizarre concept and will remain so, unless somebody believes 22nd century battle tanks could face regression. The idiosyncratic Playasphere is just a “good to watch” giant-sized toy.

Designer’s name – Ryon M.Gesink

About the Designer: Ryon M.Gesink’s conceptual works and other art renditions appear impressive. It is quite certain that he lets fantasy take a weird “real” form.

Via Gizmowatch