Dog With Bionic Leg Can Walk And Run Like Other Dogs 

Reg Walker’s eight year old pet, Coal who lost his left paw to a cancer a year ago, can now walk and run like other dogs with the help of a £10,000 bionic leg. The bionic leg has been implanted using a new technology called Intraosseous Transcutaneous Amputation Prostheses (ITAP), which enables skin to grow around a metal pin to which the leg is attached. The ITAP technology was used to provide artificial limbs to the survivor of London 7/7 bombing.

Watch this: This is the second major operation on the animal, which will certainly provide vital clues for the further development of prosthetic techniques.

Word Around the Web:
Noel Fitzpatrick who operated Coal was quoted in Local London while saying,

“This is unique in that its the world’s only implant into which skin and bone grow. It is the holy grail of research.”

Via Gizmowatch