It’s a time piece unlike anything you’ve ever seen. And with six patents for bizarreness, the Corpus clock is guaranteed ‘eccentric’. It displays time not with the help of hour and minute hands but through blue LEDs shining through slots in the gold plated, two million dollar wall clock. A Chronophage, or a time-eater in John Taylor’s words, sits atop the circular main structure. If you’re taking a glimpse for the first time, gear up for some jitters. The Chronophage is designed to spook you, with a locust and lizard body and an eerie habit of opening its jaw wide and devouring time every hour.


What’s Innovative: The Chronophage Corpus clock doesn’t follow conventional time piece design. Hideous and grim, it taunts you with blue LEDs and displays the right time only every five minutes. And when the clock is on the hour, you hear a clunk that reminds you perhaps that the dreaded final hour is nearing – the sound strangely resembles that of a chain dropped inside a coffin. Intentional, we believe!

Watch This: When Stephen Hawking is unveiling this weird time piece, rest assured that it earns for itself a ‘prized possession’ tag. And quite deservingly so! It has a never-seen-before design and is undoubtedly attention-seeking. The seven years of hard work put into making this clock is rewarding indeed!

Corpus Clock With Chronophage


Via Gizmowatch