Britax Adds Side Airbags To It’s Baby Car Seats 

 Britax Advocate CS Convertible Car Seat

Long gone are the days when people would drive with their baby sitting in their laps, thinking it was the safest thing to do. Today’s tots have car seats that rival the harnesses and safety gear used by Forumula 1 drivers, and a company called Britax is taking things one step further by introducing the first car seat to feature a set of side impact airbags.

Like the air bags in your car, the side air bags on the Britax Advocate CS model are designed to inflate whenever an impact on the child seat is detected in order to reduce the amount of impact actually felt by the child. The air bags, which I assume inflate outwards on either side of the seat, only add about a 1/2 inch of extra width compared to other Britax models, so they should easily fit in any vehicle. Unfortunately that extra protection does come with a price tag of $369.99, but if money is no object when it comes to your child’s safety you can pre-order one now from

Via Oh Gizmo!