New Plasma Technology Waterproofs Without Affecting Treated Surface

Imagine a world without yellow raincoats, umbrellas in all shapes and sizes and who knows, you will never experience what it is like to get wet ever again! This possibility is becoming a reality now, thanks to the Ion-mask enhancement which is a new plasma technology that has been developed by P2i, a company under the wing of the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

This coats various surfaces at a molecular level with an invisible layer, such that, it repels substances such as oil and water without affecting the look or feel of the treated surface. Substances that have been treated with this technology with success are polymers, ceramics, glass, metals, fabrics and paper.

The process of treatment is, by far, the most effective as compared to other processes such as dip application and spraying. This technology is very useful to a large number of areas in the industrial and consumer segment.

I find this product interesting as, at a consumer level, this eliminates stains, marks and the consequent loss of any bio-degradable durables that are in use. This, in turn, saves maintenance costs as well as manual labor that would occur in absence of using this material.

Simon Atkinson at ScienceDirect says:

It is proving ideal not only for medical textiles, but also for consumables such as filters, and could be applied to membranes that are used in the biomedical industry.

Via Gizmowatch