“Kiwi” is a short animation that has been seen over 20 million times in it’s various forms. Truly a rare and brilliant piece of work. Second video after the jump.


“Kiwi!” creator, Dony Permedi: “It took my second year at graduate school, which ran from September 05 to April 06. For the first few months, I was trying to come up with an actual story which didn’t happen until October. October I storyboarded, refined my story and created an animatic – to help time out the pacing of the film. If you don’t know what an animatic is, check out any animated DVD like The Incredibles or Shrek, and look at the extras, which show the pre-visualization of the film using drawings and sound effects. This helps in planning the film.

From November until January, I modeled and rigged my character, and started animating in February, which was all done in [a program called] Maya. While I finished animating in April I was also rendering out my animation, and compositing the renders in Adobe After Effects, fixing colors, and shadows.

I don’t have the whole process down, and I wish I had more time to spend on the animation. As you might see I am not very good at lighting and texturing. I spent too much struggling with those two, and not coming out with a good result. At first I was going to give the Kiwi fur, but I failed so miserably at that, and decided to give up because I knew the animation was the most important part to me.”


For those of you who don’t like sad endings…