Point and Find - Nokia’s Brilliant New Feature

 Nokia’s ‘Point and Find’ feature

Similar to Microsoft’s hopes for the Windows Mobile platform, as mentioned at Bill Gates’s last keynote speech at CES, Nokia’s ‘Point and Find’ feature, first announced last year, will be launching shortly in beta according to Nokia today.

Simply pointing your Nokia handset at an object – for example, a cinema – users will be able to access information and services on the cinema using just the internet.

Films showing at the cinema, the times, and the ability to book tickets will all be available online, as will trailers you can watch. This won’t be through the use of Near Field Communication (yet), with location-based services being the main feature here.

Point and Find - Nokia’s Brilliant New Feature

Keep your eyes peeled for this service, launching in beta within the next few months, according to Teppo Paavola, the VP at Head of Corporate Business development.

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